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Editorial Earlier this week, we ran a story on GoboLinux, and the distribution's effort to replace the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard with a more pleasant, human-readable, and logical design. A lot of people liked the idea of modernising/replacing the FHS, but just as many people were against doing so. Valid arguments were presented both ways, but in this article, I would like to focus on a common sentiment that came forward in that discussion: normal users shouldn't see the FHS, and advanced users are smart enough to figure out how the FHS works.
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What a stupid comment
by cycoj on Sun 24th Aug 2008 00:00 UTC
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There are numerous problems with that sentiment. In fact, the last people I would expect such a statement from is from open source and Free software enthusiasts, who generally believe that it are the users who should control and understand their computers and the software that runs on them, instead of big, greedy, and scary corporations. The statement above goes directly against that entire noble idea, hence my surprise to see the statement made so often.

What a stupid comment is this? The user is still in control of the machine, he can do everything he wants to even if he does not see the filesystem hierarchy. Does that mean you don't need to put in an effort to learn things? No! What's next the demand that all programs should be written in logo, so people can understand it? As many others have said, a computer is a complicated machine, if you want to understand it it takes effort and it isn't easier to understand if /etc is named /system\ settings

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