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Linux "Where is Linux the most popular, and where are the different Linux distributions the most popular?". Pingdom has taken a stab at answering this question using the Google Insights for Search. Read on for our observations on the results.
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RE[4]: Remember folks
by zaine_ridling on Sun 24th Aug 2008 06:06 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Remember folks"
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No. As I said, the cardboard box analogy is faulty. Linux already has superior, world-class software, and the potential of future Linux software is greater than that of OSX and Windows. Linux expectations are much higher than those of other OSs.

Having switched from 22 years of Microsoft OSes, I can vouch for that. I thought I would use Wine more, but after about a month, I quickly found better Linux equivalents to my favorite old software. And like many folks today, I spend most of my day working with information and services through a browser. There's more extremely good cross-platform and webware/cloud apps -- OpenOffice and Gmail to name two -- than most Windows and OSX users may be aware of.

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