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Editorial Earlier this week, we ran a story on GoboLinux, and the distribution's effort to replace the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard with a more pleasant, human-readable, and logical design. A lot of people liked the idea of modernising/replacing the FHS, but just as many people were against doing so. Valid arguments were presented both ways, but in this article, I would like to focus on a common sentiment that came forward in that discussion: normal users shouldn't see the FHS, and advanced users are smart enough to figure out how the FHS works.
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RE: Comment by synclee
by sorpigal on Sun 24th Aug 2008 11:55 UTC in reply to "Comment by synclee"
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Define "boot". When my laptop boots I get a graphical login screen. Should X be in the boot domain?

I see that you advocate a unionfs solution, so that could answer this question. It's certainly an interesting approach. I'm trying to say... be careful, because deciding which things belong in which domain can be very tricky and debatable.

Also please be aware that no system which includes routinely capitalized first letters is likely to replace the current FHS. There's really no harm to saying /system/application/ping, is there?

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RE[2]: Comment by synclee
by synclee on Sun 24th Aug 2008 15:31 in reply to "RE: Comment by synclee"
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No, is should not. /Boot (or /boot) should contain only kernel, storage and system console drivers, a set of hardware testing and filesystem repair tools and a flashing tool for updating the /Boot from some storage device.

Services for user authentification, network, graphic, sound, etc should be in /System, along with WM and decorator, frameworks like OpenGL and OpenAL and servers. Also, here is where system configuration tools should be placed.

/Common and /Home/John Doe/ sould contain user level application only.

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