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Internet & Networking The Book of IMAP: Building a Mail Server with Courier and Cyrus, by Peer Heinlein and Peer Hartleben, is a quality resource for any serious mail administrator. The approach taken is direct, but at the same time it's very expansive, setting this book apart from most others I have read. It's packed full of rich examples which are used to solidify the topic being covered. At several places the authors reach out to explain when the subject is addressing ambiguous or otherwise undocumented information which is to great advantage to the reader and worthy of recognition.
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i haven't done a start from scratch sync for a while, so i dunno if this is already the case.

However instead of the zip option perhaps being able to download multiple emails at the same time (parrallel download)

I do agree that IMAP and also Microsoft's implementation a la Exchange needs improving with the points you have listed. Email is a standard, many companies are using it more than telephone conversations. As commented before many people are reaching multi GB sizes, many people live in their email system, in some cases i wonder if the email system is becoming an operating system in itself.

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