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PC-BSD "Not all user-friendly desktop operating systems are based on Linux; as demonstrated by PC-BSD, it is entirely feasible to turn a "geek" project into a piece of software that can be installed and used by even less technical computer users. Distrowatch talks to Kris Moore, PC-BSD lead developer, about his love affair with FreeBSD and the upcoming PC-BSD 7.0."
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RE[2]: .app
by Ishan on Wed 27th Aug 2008 16:48 UTC in reply to "RE: .app"
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Well, I noticed in OSX you just have to d'n'd an application for it to become associated automatically with its file type. I didn't analyze this too much but it's certainly some parameters in one of the .app dir doing that. Very clever but could generate conflict when more than on .app want a file type.

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RE[3]: .app
by Sabon on Wed 27th Aug 2008 17:29 in reply to "RE[2]: .app"
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Most OSs have problems/conflicts when more than one app ones to link to the same file extension. So installing applications they way OS X does it doesn't change anything. Windows, Linux, etc., will also have that issue.

Note that you can Right click on any data file and choose "open with" and open with any program that has associated itself with this file extension. The first time you open up an application it tells the OS what extensions it recognizes.

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