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Oracle and SUN Dropping profits and stock prices have analysts speculating that Sun could be a target for either acquisition or a restructuring in which the company would sell off parts of the business and focus on a smaller set of technologies. In a July 31 report, the 451 Group analyst firm raised the possibility of Sun being acquired: 'Sun's sunken stock price creates a relative bargain considering its roughly $4 billion cash on hand, sizeable intellectual property and patent portfolio, and of course, its respected technology and products'.
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Apple should buy
by milles21 on Wed 27th Aug 2008 19:49 UTC
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I will say it, at this point apple should really consider purchasing SUN, along with the purchase of CUPS, and then MYSQL this would add to apple's OSX server platform.

Furthermore they are already using ZFS, and DTRACE apple would have a storage platform again to build upon as well as a solid unix foundation. Also finally a developer community. If they were smart this would be a good play

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RE: Apple should buy
by poundsmack on Wed 27th Aug 2008 19:58 in reply to "Apple should buy"
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apple would never buy Sun, their core business's are nothing alike. more than likely a stetegic partnership would and possibly will come of their shared technologies (apple using ZFS and Dtrace).

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RE[2]: Apple should buy
by milles21 on Wed 27th Aug 2008 20:04 in reply to "RE: Apple should buy"
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I agree with you to a certain extent that a strategic partnership would likely be the case. However I do think that it would be a good business move, if Apple did purchase SUN and made the group their enterprise group.

This would allow the bulk of Apple to continue to focus on their consumer products and supply Apple with enterprise innovation and community.

OS-X server could get some clout being that it had the SUN unix backing. This would seem to me to give Apple some real UNIX clout.

It could also increase it's standing as a developer platform by integrating MYSQL more. Maybe even a Time Machine, ZFS, MYSQL, xVM virtualization & SUN Storage technology solution.

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RE[2]: Apple should buy
by lurch_mojoff on Wed 27th Aug 2008 20:49 in reply to "RE: Apple should buy"
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I agree with you that their core businesses are very different, but I wouldn't say Apple will never buy Sun (or their software/hardware devision(s) if they were to spinoff). The IP and engineering talent alone are worth the price tag for Apple. And depending on how serious Apple are about the enterprise market, they might get a client or two from such a deal. Back in the real world, though, I don't really see Sun going for sale or selling parts of the company any time soon.

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