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Features, Office Everyone knows that Microsoft Exchange is expensive - but ubiquitous " and plenty of open source projects and vendors have been trying a variety of technical approaches to replace it. While none is yet a drop-in replacement, a PC World article looks at ways that some administrators can get a cost advantage by switching.
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by systyrant on Thu 28th Aug 2008 19:52 UTC
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While Groupwise is neither free nor open source it's a very viable alternative to Outlook and Exchange.

With that said. The Groupwise client is free. Maybe some of these backend systems should at least consider creating some interoperability with it. It's a good front end client that work with Windows and Suse Linux (that's a con).


On a side note. I think e-mail is handled quite nicely by a number of backends and clients. That's not really in question I don't think. The problem is the calendars and contacts and such.

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RE: Groupwise
by DrillSgt on Thu 28th Aug 2008 20:34 in reply to "Groupwise"
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"It's a good front end client that work with Windows and Suse Linux (that's a con)." is working with Windows and Linux a con? Cross platform is a good thing, so this statement confused me.

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RE[2]: Groupwise
by asupcb on Thu 28th Aug 2008 20:51 in reply to "RE: Groupwise"
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I think he was implying Suse Linux is bad due to the "evil" Novell and their agreement with Microsoft.

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RE[2]: Groupwise
by systyrant on Fri 29th Aug 2008 16:15 in reply to "RE: Groupwise"
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The con is that it only works with Suse Linux. They don't provide or support Groupwise (backend or client) for any other Linux distro.

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