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Features, Office Everyone knows that Microsoft Exchange is expensive - but ubiquitous " and plenty of open source projects and vendors have been trying a variety of technical approaches to replace it. While none is yet a drop-in replacement, a PC World article looks at ways that some administrators can get a cost advantage by switching.
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RE: My answer is a no.
by Liquidator on Fri 29th Aug 2008 07:18 UTC in reply to "My answer is a no."
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1) web ui is sluggish and slow, and the "desktop" client is an entire webapp server distribution etc. WAY WAY hefty.

I have to agree. The web client is damn slow, even on a "normal" computer. It's almost unusable.

4) Configs, startup scripts are fragile as hell, and the server would eat resources until ultimately it'd stop accepting connections.

Same problem here. It uses huge amounts of resources.

When I see people recommend Zimbra, I wonder if they even used it.

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RE[2]: My answer is a no.
by Soulbender on Fri 29th Aug 2008 11:07 in reply to "RE: My answer is a no."
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When I see people saying the web client is damn slow and near unusable I wonder if they even used it.
I and almost everyone else here use it every day and damn slow and unusable it is not.

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RE[3]: My answer is a no.
by ichi on Fri 29th Aug 2008 12:35 in reply to "RE[2]: My answer is a no."
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Indeed, we are using it here too with no problems regarding speed.
And on _really_ slow machines you can always switch to the html interface anyway.

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