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Windows A common topic of discussion in the Windows world - in fact, in any operating system - is boot performance. Many systems take a long time to reach a usable desktop from the moment the power switch is pressed, and this can be quite annoying if it takes too long. In a post on the Engineering 7 blog, Michael Fortin, lead engineer of Microsoft's Fundamentals/Core Operating System Group, explains what Microsoft is doing to make Windows 7 boot faster.
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I couldn't care less about boot time
by bryhhh on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 06:46 UTC
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I couldn't care less about faster boot times, I'd rather they spent time improving logon times.

I'd rather have a system that took longer to boot, ensuring all services and devices are fully operation before the logon screen is presented.

Once the logon screen is presented, it should take no more than a few seconds to have a fully operational desktop.

Most modern operating systems I use suffer from this. It always takes an age after the first logon to get a single application launched and fully responsive. Subsequent logons are always much faster.

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i don't know why you were voted down, however i fully agree. A common complaint / perception of windows is not how long the windows takes to boot up but how long it takes to log in.

Even on a clean system it takes ages, with office even longer.

I would much prefer Windows to take longer booting to provide a quicker login. Vista is getting there, it's a lot faster to login than XP. However i would prefer it quicker still.

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