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Google The browser wars may just become a little bit more interesting. Apart from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, another player is ready to join the field in what will most probably be released as a beta - you know, company policy - for the upcoming 23 years: Chrome. It's a webkit-based browser from Google. Update: It's out there, folks.
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by gelosilente on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 07:38 UTC
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the new way to use tab seems good, i am curious to see te v8 javascript engine too.

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RE: ok
by Liquidator on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 08:20 in reply to "ok"
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I have high expectations with the new JS engine. So far, JS engines have left to be desired even among the best browsers. Sites like Digg where Ajax is heavily used, are slow.

sadly, it seems as if Google is using their own theme for the application's buttons and window borders, just like Apple did with Safari. Too bad.

Yeah, too bad. I wish this application used the default native OS theme. Same for GTalk...

Also, I hope Chrome supports data synchronization so that I can keep in sync my passwords, bookmarks across computers. A feature like a wand to submit forms automatically would be highly welcome also. And a custom contextual menu to fill in forms with custom data like in Opera (but not automatically like Roboform).

With Google using WebKit code, I guess this engine is going to be greatly revamped and both Safari and Konqueror will benefit from this interest. Web sites should render nicely down the road, both because Google will improve it and also because web devs will test their web sites more in WebKit.

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by Cymro on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 13:11 in reply to "ok"
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Do you think there's something very Apple-like about the way they're trumpeting moving the tabs to the top as a new way of using a browser?

I'm not saying it won't work better, it's just interesting that they seem to be studying Apple's marketing techniques closely.

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RE[2]: ok
by klimg on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 13:46 in reply to "RE: ok"
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Apple like?
Definitely - webkit as an engine for example.

Strikes me as strange since Nokia is working on porting firefox to QT because they don't want an engine at least partially controlled by Apple.

Other strange thing is that nobody besides me seems to be kind of worried that google is getting way too much influence if that move works out.

With Android,chrome and their various other webapps tied together and the whole enchilada being financed by advertising things are starting to look like something to get concerned about.

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RE: ok
by kwanbis on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 19:41 in reply to "ok"
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