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Google The browser wars may just become a little bit more interesting. Apart from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, another player is ready to join the field in what will most probably be released as a beta - you know, company policy - for the upcoming 23 years: Chrome. It's a webkit-based browser from Google. Update: It's out there, folks.
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RE[2]: Official Announcement
by devurandom on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 10:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Official Announcement"
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The community add-ons alone.. unless there's compatibility of Firefox add-ons with Chrome or a max exodus from Firefox plug-in development (which I highly doubt) then this does seem to me to be more name and not so much show, much like Safari.

Well, Safari is much just another browser. Chrome, if it maintains its promises, seems another thing. The concept of running tabs as separate jailed processes and to speed up Javascript are really interesting.

I agree that some compatibility with Firefox plugins should be put in place. It would be a tremendous feature.

Any information on the license Google wants to apply? It won't be GPL, probably, but what else?

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

Any information on the license Google wants to apply? It won't be GPL, probably, but what else?

Dibs on Google Reciprocal Open Source Software license, or the GROSS license.

And I hereby nominate myself for the Lamest Comment of the Year Award. Beat that.

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BlackJack75 Member since:

The comic says you can take what you want and contribute only if you want (that is you can make a closed source project out of it).

So it'll be something like M.I.T. or BSD license or equivalent which in my opinion is the best thing around. If you really only want to release your code to the public for the greater good there's no reason you should use restrictive licenses such as the GPL that imposes that you adhere to its ideology.

I think opensource should be made out of good will, without any attachments.

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RE[3]: Official Announcement
by SEJeff on Wed 3rd Sep 2008 03:54 in reply to "RE[2]: Official Announcement"
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It is bsd. You can download the code from

If you get a svn snapshot and build it on linux, the only thing that works is a small test app. Kind of sucks for us Linux geeks ;)

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RE[4]: Official Announcement
by wakeupneo on Thu 4th Sep 2008 05:23 in reply to "RE[3]: Official Announcement"
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It is bsd. You can download the code from

How does that work? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Webkit just a 'derivative' of KHTML...which is licensed as LGPL. How is that code subsequently relicensed as BSD, Googliscious Source, or anything else?

Not trying to start an argument...just asking...

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