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Google The browser wars may just become a little bit more interesting. Apart from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, another player is ready to join the field in what will most probably be released as a beta - you know, company policy - for the upcoming 23 years: Chrome. It's a webkit-based browser from Google. Update: It's out there, folks.
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The Hell?
by SoloDeveloper on Tue 2nd Sep 2008 16:16 UTC
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"Screenshots have already leaked, and sadly, it seems as if Google is using their own theme for the application's buttons and window borders, just like Apple did with Safari. Too bad."

Too Bad? WTF Thom? You know how hard it has to be to implement a modular Chrome UI that adapts to each OS's UI? I mean, damn, it took 3 releases of firefox, and that is not counting pervious pre-names that firefox used, you know, like, phoenix, ect...

and WTF took yall so damned long to report this?

these guys had the info up just a bit after midnight, my time...

and why the hell is the OS News RSS so damned slow to update?

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Chrome sports aero-effects
by TLZ_ on Wed 3rd Sep 2008 13:30 in reply to "The Hell?"
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What is interesting is that although they do not use native widgets, they *did* however bother with implementing the fancy Vista aero-transperency effect.

If they bothered that, I'm not really sure if the step towards having native GUI is really that long.

Also: will be interesting to see if they on mac, if not have native-looking atleast go for a more Mac-like style. (Like Opera did.) Mac-people *hate* stuff that looks out of place, Windows-users seem to not care as much.

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