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Google While Google's new Chrome web browser has been met with a lot of praise and positive responses (well, mostly, at least), there has been one nagging issue that arose quite quickly after people got their hands on Chrome: the End User License Agreement accompanying the browser. It more or less granted Google the rights to everything seen or transmitted through the browser. Google now changed the EULA, saying it was a big case of woopsiedoopsie.
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It's a philosophy thing
by TLZ_ on Thu 4th Sep 2008 06:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: one naggin issue?"
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Opera certainly isn't bloated program-wise. If I remember correctly Opera take up less space than vanilla Firefox.

Anyway, the interface is bloated. There's too much options, too much choices, too many menu items.

Opera is the Photoshop of browsers. You can do a thousand things, and all those things you can do in a number of ways.

Now this isn't all bad, and has a lot to do with philosophy. Opera has a philosohpy to provide everyone, *including* powerusers with whatever capability they want.. right out of the box.

And they're very good at it!

Personally I've come to not like this philosophy, but I can't deny that Opera kicks ass at implementing it.

Firefox on the other hand has the philosophy that things should be simple and not overwhelm. That the "base" should only satisify normal users. (And let's face it, most uf here at OSnews are not normal users. We're geeks!) And then provide capability to extend instead.

That being said: I know a number of novices that use Opera. (And no: they don't use ANY of the power-user features, or are aware that they actually have a mail-client, IRC-client and a bitorren client.)

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