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KDE KDE's Aaron Seigo has published a blog post in which he details how Nepomuk and the semantic desktop can be beneficial to users. He introduces the concepts of "context" and "context switches" - possible states are "writing an OSNews news item", or "posting a blog entry", or "editing your MySpace page". When you switch from one of these contexts to another, it's called a context switch, according to Seigo. "What happens with the rest of the software running on your computer when you switch contexts?" Seigo answers his own question. "Pretty much nothing. At least not automatically."
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by aseigo on Sun 7th Sep 2008 00:34 UTC
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For everyone saying "oh no! not automagics!" ... I agree.

There has been a lot of discussion, research and actual working prototypes showing automagic configuration and tagging of data in a user's workflow. We maye eventually even get to implementing those things in a production release of the Plasma workspace some day. But thus far we're a long ways from that kind of implementation and I'm not personally convinced (yet?) they are needed or desirable.

Even if we do some automagicitiy (ah, words.. ) in the future, it will not be hardwired on. I'm not even sure it would ever be the default.

What we've done so far with the code in svn is give the user a way to give notice that "I am working on $FOO" and have the information percolate out to other applications such that they can use that to arrange what they are displaying or how they are behaving ... in response to the user's previous direction. e.g. "I'm going to mark this group of people in my addressbook as Work contacts, and this project is a work project..."

What's neat about the approach is that we can use the entirety of the Nepomuk store to tap into relationships *and* the configuration of it will feel mostly passive to the user. For instance, simply changing the Activity in Plasma changes the published active Context's Activity.

Also, before it all gets lost in the discussion, the Nepomuk people (Trug (yes, same dude who did K3B), Leo and many others) deserve mad props here for the huge contributions they are making in the semantic desktop space ...

@manjabes: your rant is late. it's one thing to be annoyed about something that is being worked on (that's a debatable use of your time and energy), but it's another thing to whinge about things that are already addressed in svn.

as for your thoughts on motivations, etc, if you'd like, email me at aseigo at kde dot org and we can discuss your conceptions about things.

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