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Mozilla & Gecko clones With the recent surge in WebKit adoption, many have stated to question the usefulness of Mozilla's Gecko browsing engine, claiming that WebKit is far superior. Some even go as far as saying that Firefox should ditch Gecko in favour of WebKit. Ars Technica's Ryan Paul explains why that is utter, utter bogus. "From a technical perspective, Gecko is now very solid and no longer lags behind WebKit. A testament to the rate at which Gecko has been improving is its newfound viability in the mobile space, where it was practically considered a nonstarter not too long ago. Mozilla clearly has the resources, developer expertise, and community support to take Gecko anywhere that WebKit can go."
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More is better
by sorpigal on Tue 9th Sep 2008 14:08 UTC
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Multiple open source standard-compliant rendering engines is good for users and better for standards. You know, the whole "two conforming implementations" thing? This means that good, standard ideas from the community don't need to be adopted by a Microsoft or a Opera to achieve some kind of legitimacy.

I see very healthy competition in the future, but instead of old-world browser wars where the competition is on adding proprietary tags it will be a competition of who-can-be-more-standard. You're seeing it already with the Acid3 and CSS3 races. This is good, fundamentally.

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