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General Unix How could someone make a more powerful editing tool than vi, you may ask? The answer is Vim, and this article provides details on the many enhancements that have made Vim a highly used and acceptable editor in the world of UNIX and Linux.
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I would ask how could someone make a more powerful editor, if this was actually a fact, and not lifted from the imagination of the writer. I would've said "EMACS", but someone might consider this not at face value.

VI was/is a strong editor, but definitely not the most powerful editing tool. Maybe it was at the time it was created, but that was several decades ago. Even removing Vim, and all the VI clones from the historic equation, VI's abilities were equaled, or surpassed during the time that went by from its creation to these days. As of today, most people consider Vim to equal VI, with the original VI (or Vim-Tiny/Compatible mode) looking feeble and restrictive in comparison.

This is a throwaway post with a throwaway caption, but one assumes the author to know his mettle, or stay with what he does know.

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