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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu OSNews has been reporting on the Debian/Ubuntu/GNU/Opensolaris hybrid for several years. But for those of you who've never looked more closely at this interesting OS, a Nexenta developer has laid out some of its more noteworthy features and advantages.
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RE: All well and good...
by Piranha on Thu 11th Sep 2008 17:01 UTC in reply to "All well and good..."
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Driver support, licensing, and program support. I run OpenSolaris snv95 on my "soon-to-be" fileserver, but I know people who've tried installing it without luck on their hardware. It's getting much better (I'm running the new 780G AMD Chipset), but still not all the way there. My Realtek 8111c nic is still buggy and auto-dhcp doesn't seem to work. Other things like USB+ZFS craps out after so much use because of "memory" issues. 4GB of ram doesn't seem to work either, and I'm not the only one with this issue.

I'm not a big fan of linux (I'm more of a BSD guy myself), but I do believe it does have its rightful place in this world to keep other communities in check.

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RE[2]: All well and good...
by Nico57 on Thu 11th Sep 2008 23:10 in reply to "RE: All well and good..."
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What are you talking about?
Nexenta and OpenSolaris share the same kernel.
There's no better driver support and no Linux here.
If ZFS "craps out" on your OpenSolaris box, chances are Nexenta won't make it any better.

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RE[3]: All well and good...
by erast on Thu 11th Sep 2008 23:26 in reply to "RE[2]: All well and good..."
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OpenSolaris drivers quality (especially storage drivers) generally better then in Linux. The problem is that not all white-box HW is supported - but this is matter of time.

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