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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu OSNews has been reporting on the Debian/Ubuntu/GNU/Opensolaris hybrid for several years. But for those of you who've never looked more closely at this interesting OS, a Nexenta developer has laid out some of its more noteworthy features and advantages.
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RE[4]: All well and good...
by unoengborg on Sat 13th Sep 2008 09:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: All well and good..."
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That's the point, you don't have to port GNU stuff to Nexenta, because it is already using the GNU userland.

Actually, there are quite a lot of GNU packages that comes with OpenSolaris, or even standard Solaris as well. E.g. gcc, gmake, gtar,.. The difference is that it is often easier compile the GNU things that are not there, on real Solaris than it is on Nexenta. In fact you may not even have to compile them in real Solaris as most things can be pkg-get:ed from

In theory Nexenta should be easier, as you should more or less just be able to port/recompile an Ubuntu package if its not already compiled for Nexenta, but in reality, you end up with a Gentoo like feeling where you spend a lot of time compiling your software.

You also have to remember, that there are some things from Linux that is missing in the Solaris kernel and vice versa. This means that there will be a few Ubuntu packages that not port easily without doing some real programming.Then take dependencies on these packages into account and you will realize that easy life on Nexenta is not apt-get:able.

So, if you wan't the GNU stuff on a Solaris kernel OpenSolaris or even standard Solaris is a better starting point at the moment. This may of course change in the future when more precompiled packages becomes available to Nexenta.

In spite of all my troubles with Nexenta, I kind of liked it. I think that this was mostly because it came without a GUI, that I had to turn off (not much use of a GUI in my server room), and that it booted directly from ZFS. However, persons coming to Nexenta with the hope and expectation that it will feel like Ubuntu will get very disappointed.

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