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Linux You're ready to be a card-carrying Linux geek, but with several different Linux distributions available, you don't know where to start. Which one offers the best balance of tools, performance, and price? Bryan Hoff takes you through the most popular Linux distros and introduces you to a brave new world without Windows.
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nice article
by Adurbe on Sun 18th Sep 2005 21:42 UTC
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its a nice article aimed at new users,

If your favorite distro is slackware or gentoo THIS IS ARTICLE IS NOT AIMED AT YOU!

sadly we already know this thread is going to turn into a flame war...

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RE: nice article
by on Sun 18th Sep 2005 21:47 in reply to "nice article"
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I don't believe a flame war is coming.

Why should it do that? Unless _you_ start it?

It's an okay introduction. It should have mentioned more than these pretty mainstream distros but apart from that, it's doing quite fine.

BTW: If somebody else comes along and starts a flame war, then I'm truly sorry. I believe there's a need for a "Get Linux Going Easily" - guide thing.

kristian AT herkild DOT dk

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