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PC-BSD This release marks a milestone for PC-BSD, by moving to the latest FreeBSD 7-Stable and also incorporating the KDE 4.1.1 desktop. Users will immediately notice the improved visual interface that KDE 4.1.1 offers, as well as a large improvement in hardware support and speed from the update to FreeBSD 7-Stable. PC-BSD 7 also offers a large and growing library of self-contained PBI files available for installation, and improvments for other locales on our PBI Directory website. This release also offers new methods of installation, including a DVD, USB and Internet/network install. Note: Here is an interview with the lead developer of PC-BSD.
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no thanks
by kvarbanov on Wed 17th Sep 2008 13:38 UTC
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I was a pcbsd user, but it was 2 years ago, version 1.2. It was working OK for me, then I switched to Fedora, then went back to pcbsd, i think it was Da Vinci release. bad luck - lack of drivers for modern Dell workstation, issues with fonts, slow overall performance, couldn't get the sound to work, neither the flash plugin, neither the microsoft fonts. didn't have gaim ported, couldn't install it from the ports, wasn't able to have evolution with exchange connector installed, other mail clients don't work for me, about 10 other small issues, which, turned out to be the final nail, and I gave up. I have no time to make the OS to work as it supposed to work - i just expect it to work. currently, i got stuck with opensuse 11.0 - ah, that's different story ;)
and a distro that doesn't offer KDE 3.5.9 and/or kde 4.0 - like i said, no thanks, kde 4.0 is ugly, unusable, buggy and unstable. having in mind that i'm unix user since 1999, i couldn't let this distro to break my habits, usually i don't give up if a package won't compile, i would redo the Makefile, or the respective flags in the configure script, would read the help / man pages, but this time they lost me. 1280 X 1024 screen resolution seemed impossible for pcbsd. No thanks.

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