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Hardware, Embedded Systems Our friends at, known for their cheap laptops offers, sent in one of the most popular netbooks around: the Asus Eee PC. The model is the 701 4G, with 512 MB RAM, and Windows XP in it. Read through for a review of the product.
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Comment by Snapper
by Snapper on Wed 17th Sep 2008 14:51 UTC
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I have an Eee PC 701. I think XP works fine on it when you slim it down using nLite.

I tried using Xandros but could not get the wireless working to connect using 802.1x using MS-Chap-V2. I fiddled with it for a solid day but never got it working. Not the fault of the device.

Anyway, I specifically bought this device so that I could test wireless connectivity (specifically, the way we have it implemented here at work). In this case, it is important to have a device using the same utilities for connectivity as the end users. It works perfectly for this and I am happy that the tech is actually doing the job I bought it for.

I guess my point is that regardless of how much everyone else seems to be in love with Linux and its variations, there is a place for XP on this device as well.

Suspend mode works perfectly also. Kind of surprising, so kudo's to Asus on the hardware/software combo and giving me the XP drivers that made it easy to select the OS of choice. Same cannot be said of Toshiba laptops.

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