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Multimedia, AV Dirac is an advanced royalty-free video compression format designed for a wide range of uses, from delivering low-resolution web content to broadcasting HD and beyond, to near-lossless studio editing. The v1.0.0 version was released yesterday, and the new VLC version supports playback of .ts/.drc Dirac files.
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Theora - improvements being made
by Rahul on Thu 18th Sep 2008 00:05 UTC
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Red Hat now employs the mind behind theora, xiphmont who has been working on improving the implementation with some solid results.

Firefox is also adding support for it in Firefox 3.1.

With a few hundred million users for Firefox alone, this is not something you can write off easily.

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Alboin Member since:

It's already in 3.1a2. I'm using it right now, and have tested the video tag support. It works, but is 'unstable' when put through some browser use. Hopefully this is fixed when 3.1 comes out.

The idea of a video tag controllable through JavaScript is absolutely brilliant though. I must agree.

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KugelKurt Member since:

Nobody will care about FF's Theora support, because Theora is an inferior codec. Its quality is just too bad. Dirac is patent-free as well and beats Theora in every aspect. Xiph and Mozilla should embrace Dirac.

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Rahul Member since:

The quality is being improved as I already indicated in the earlier post. There is much room for improvement. Refer to the demonstrations that show that. I am pretty sure, Firefox implementing support for it *will* have a major impact. Let's see. Additional support for Dirac might not be a bad thing either.

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Please do not forget about the necessary CPU for these codecs. If I'm not mistaken, Theora is very light, while Dirac needs a bit more calculation power.
Therefore I don't think one should discard Theora.

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