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Multimedia, AV Dirac is an advanced royalty-free video compression format designed for a wide range of uses, from delivering low-resolution web content to broadcasting HD and beyond, to near-lossless studio editing. The v1.0.0 version was released yesterday, and the new VLC version supports playback of .ts/.drc Dirac files.
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Please do not forget about the necessary CPU for these codecs. If I'm not mistaken, Theora is very light, while Dirac needs a bit more calculation power.
Therefore I don't think one should discard Theora.

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Dirac has been successfully demonstrated on mobile phones (of course not with Full HD resolution ;) ) and even with Theora's improvements, it's still outdated technology. Theora can't compete with any modern video codec. Just like plain MP3 can't be used for really low-bitrate stuff like Speex.
The MPEG word accepted that MPEG-4 AVC is better than MPEG-1. Now it's time to admit that Dirac is better than Theora.

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Kugel is right, it seems that Theora will only be able to be improved to a point and that point will never be able to surpass Dirac, so if Dirac is fundamentally better and has the capability to far surpass Theora, the only reason why you'd want to not completely dump Theora and switch to Dirac is if Theora could play better quality video that was larger space-wise but less CPU-hungry, like was pointed out, for mobile devices for example. Otherwise, what point is there in Theora? At that point you should jump ship.

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