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Linux Greg KH, Linux kernel developer delivered a keynote in the Linux plumbing conference about the health of the ecosystem. His message was essentially that distributions that don't contribute to the ecosystem have to rely on the whims of others which is unhealthy for them. Here is an introduction the development model and some interesting statistics about the Linux kernel code. Update by TH: Rebuttals are appearing all over the web, like this one by Canonical's Matt Zimmerman ("He's refuting a claim which has, quite simply, never been made. [...] When this sort of thing happens on mailing lists, it's called trolling."), or this one by another Canonical employee, Dustin Kirkland.
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You know, I could write something up describing why I sigh and shake my head every time this topic comes up. Why it is that despite all the carefully prepared charts and tables of statistics... all the cherry-picked anecdotal evidence... and all the solemn affirmations of objectivity that inevitably show up... the real motivation is always so painfully obvious. I could write something up about all that. But I really could not say it any better than Morrissey:

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What? Obvious? What's so obvious about an employee of a financially battered company with a tattered reputation trying to bad mouth one of it's biggest competitors? I mean, really, there cant possibly be any ulterior motive at play here. Right?

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