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Linux Greg KH, Linux kernel developer delivered a keynote in the Linux plumbing conference about the health of the ecosystem. His message was essentially that distributions that don't contribute to the ecosystem have to rely on the whims of others which is unhealthy for them. Here is an introduction the development model and some interesting statistics about the Linux kernel code. Update by TH: Rebuttals are appearing all over the web, like this one by Canonical's Matt Zimmerman ("He's refuting a claim which has, quite simply, never been made. [...] When this sort of thing happens on mailing lists, it's called trolling."), or this one by another Canonical employee, Dustin Kirkland.
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RE[2]: Thoughts...
by segedunum on Mon 22nd Sep 2008 21:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Thoughts..."
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Regarding Ubuntu's position in the community and the detractors seemingly coming out of the woodwork, lately, to disparage it, he says:

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, ( <- you are here )
then you win.

Funny that you've quoted that, and even funnier, and rather sad, that it doesn't actually apply. Using that statement assumes that Canonical are actually doing something to 'win' in the first place. They're not:

1. Canonical and Ubuntu can't win and can't surpass Mac OS with the contributions they're making to open source software today.

2. Point 1 means that any apparent progress is all down to marketing, soundbites and hype, and even Mark Shuttleworth will run out of money to finance that at some point as so many companies, most of them VC funded, have done before them.

3. People aren't fighting Ubuntu at all I'm afraid. All they're doing is pointing out points 1 and 2.

I'll re-phrase your quote as it actually is, and it really is rather sad:

- First you think you're being ignored so you create lots of hype.

- When people point out said hype and look for something more concrete (i.e. lines of code) you think people are laughing at you.

- The questions continue and you believe that people are fighting against you because they won't go away.

- You fail to contribute the lines of code necessary to actually create something that surpasses Mac OS (or even to identify what's needed), you fail to generate money off the back of that because hype and soundbites aren't enough, your benefactor can't put money in forever, you run out of money and you lose.

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