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Windows According to Microsoft beat writer Mary Jo Foley, word is that "Windows 7's mail, photo-management and movie-maker subsystems applets are all being replaced by optionally installable Windows Live equivalents." To many, replacing subsystems with services is a good thing. But what will the self-professed geeks think? Cnet seems to think that "Windows 7 must appeal to geeks--or else!"
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Good News for the most part.
by BigDaddy on Tue 23rd Sep 2008 18:40 UTC
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I don't use Windows anymore, but this is welcome new all the same. The PC's that I administer for friends and family are all Windows machines. I can safely say that none of them use the Windows branded "extras'. They take up space on an already cluttered menu and they are all over the place in context menu's. Plus they only perpetuate the propreitary codec lock in. Movie Maker on XP would only allow exporting to WMV I think. I have not tried the one on Vista. Nor any of the other Windows branded apps.

I seriously doubt that Windows Media Player will be unbundled though. There is too much lock-in there for Microsoft to risk people trying other (arguably) software. Too bad they can't expand this to all that horrid OEM software. (Thank goodness for PC-Decrapifier.) Another thing about the Windows branded apps is they all advertise themselves or sell advertising space. I sure don't miss that aspect of Windows.

This is not to say that Windows is the only one to include more software than people need. Even on Kubuntu (my OS of choice) there is a ton of software than I do not want that comes installed by default. I remember back in 2002 on Mandrake they gave you an option of what apps to install during the intial installation. I would love to have a Debian based distro that had all the KDE GUI configuration applications, but none of the fluff. If you do uninstall some of them, you get that scary warning that doing so may make upgrading difficult or impossible. hasn't happened to me because I keep my /home on a different partition and I reinstall the entire OS a few months after the upgrade.

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