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Windows According to Microsoft beat writer Mary Jo Foley, word is that "Windows 7's mail, photo-management and movie-maker subsystems applets are all being replaced by optionally installable Windows Live equivalents." To many, replacing subsystems with services is a good thing. But what will the self-professed geeks think? Cnet seems to think that "Windows 7 must appeal to geeks--or else!"
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 23rd Sep 2008 21:57 UTC
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My god, this sucks balls. The Windows Live version of mail was an epic fail, and I actually happen to REALLY like Vista's Mail application.


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RE: dubbeljoetieëf
by helf on Wed 24th Sep 2008 05:56 in reply to "dubbeljoetieëf"
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ugh, I've had to use Vista Mail. I HATES it with a passion. Gimme outlook 2007 any day ;)

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RE: dubbeljoetieëf
by Zoidberg on Wed 24th Sep 2008 12:08 in reply to "dubbeljoetieëf"
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Windows Mail sucked, it was just Outlook Express with a minor facelift. How you could like that outdated piece of junk and then turn around and say Windows Live Mail was "epic fail" is completely beyond me.

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