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Gnome The GNOME project has released GNOME 2.24 today. In case you're new here: "GNOME 2.24 is the latest version of the GNOME Desktop: a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer. GNOME's focus is ease of use, stability, and first class internationalisation and accessibility support. GNOME is Free and Open Source Software and provides all of the common tools computer users expect of a modern computing environment, such as e-mail, groupware, web browsing, file management, multimedia and games. Furthermore, GNOME provides a flexible and powerful platform for software developers, both on the desktop and in mobile applications." GNOME 2.24 comes packed with changes.
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Low blow
by VistaUser on Wed 24th Sep 2008 22:27 UTC
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One feature down, 3945349878345 to go until Nautilus equals Konqueror

Was that really needed?

Does it even need feature parity with Konqueror? AFAIK even KDE has moved to a "simpler" file manager (Dolphin) by default (have no idea where that lies in the comparison...).

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RE: Low blow
by sbergman27 on Wed 24th Sep 2008 22:36 in reply to "Low blow"
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Was that really needed?

From an editorial standpoint, it was certainly poor form. Even as a regular comment, it would be of questionable value. Then again, OSNews gets lots of posts of questionable value, and we're used to it. But putting such a comment in the story blurb was just plain tacky.

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RE[2]: Low blow
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 24th Sep 2008 22:41 in reply to "RE: Low blow"
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Stop taking software so seriously. It was just an innocent joke.

Up. Lighten. You figure it out.

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RE: Low blow
by MamiyaOtaru on Fri 26th Sep 2008 02:46 in reply to "Low blow"
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"Does it even need feature parity with Konqueror? AFAIK even KDE has moved to a "simpler" file manager (Dolphin) by default"

This ironic turn of events (KDE switching to Dolphin while Nautilus continues to improve) is one of the reasons I moved away from KDE. Gnome is on my machine. KDE4 is not. KDE3 remains however and will stay there until it is no longer in Debian Stable (or Testing if I get antsy). I for one am glad to see Nautilus improve. It's still far from being any sort of mess.

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