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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin has said it is time for Solaris to simply move out of the way and yield the future to Linux. 'The future is Linux and Microsoft Windows. It is not Unix or Solaris,' he claims, contending that Sun's strength in long-lifecycle apps is giving way to Linux, as evidenced by the rise of Web apps, where Linux holds a decided advantage, Zemlin claims. With capabilities such as ZFS and DTrace, Sun is trying to compete based on minor features, he says. 'That's literally like noticing the view from a third-story building as it burns to the ground.'
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RE: Why are Linux guys pr*cks?
by Soulbender on Thu 25th Sep 2008 15:57 UTC in reply to "Why are Linux guys pr*cks?"
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I dont get it. Why are Linux guys so offensive all the time?

How does one guy making a stupid comment make "Linux guys" offensive all the time?
People are pricks. Everywhere. Regardless of race, gender, eyecolor, music taste or preferred OS.

Look at the things that Linus Torvalds says, for instance. "OpenBSD developers are masturbating monkeys"

I think of a lot of things that Theo has said that is worse. Of course, I dont mind either Theo or Linus speaking their mind, no matter how abrasive, and I sure won't generalize that into that all Linux or OpenBSD users are abrasive assholes.

They are NOT closed code, contrary to what Linux people thinks.

It has nothing to to with it being closed, it has an unsuitable license. Just like how OpenBSD, for example, avoid including GPL'd code in the base OS.

Why do you have to flame anyone if they made a weak solution? He works for you, for free. Why do you have to insult people?

Why are you insulting Linux users?

Which other large proprietary company than SUN, has opened up all their code and technology?

All of it? Really? Do you know something we don't? Are all their hardware specs open?

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