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RISC OS A huge blow to the already small RISC OS market and community: Castle Technology has announced that the Iyonix range of ARM-based RISC OS computers will be taken off the market after 30th September. Support will continue through the Iyonix website, the dealer network, and by email. This leaves Advantage6 as the only manufacturer of RISC OS hardware with its A9Home computer.
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by poundsmack on Mon 29th Sep 2008 16:47 UTC
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it is sad but honestly no suprise. These is little to no money for Castle in these systems, as even though the markup is higher than your standard PC they don't move nearly enough of them to turn a real profit. Sad to see RISC OS Fading away, I hope Advantage6 can keep in the game as far as hardware is concerend.

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