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Linux You're ready to be a card-carrying Linux geek, but with several different Linux distributions available, you don't know where to start. Which one offers the best balance of tools, performance, and price? Bryan Hoff takes you through the most popular Linux distros and introduces you to a brave new world without Windows.
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by deathshadow on Mon 19th Sep 2005 03:56 UTC in reply to "LOL"
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>> "Fedora is Red Hat's open source project."
>> Because RedHat ships non-free software....
>> He's right, he's no linux geek ;) .
>> Fedora is Red Hat's community project.

A philisophical hair that the average person isn't even going to GRASP... and THANK YOU for proof of the elitism that seems rife in the open source community that is scaring away as many people as the concept of free brings in.

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RE[2]: LOL
by on Mon 19th Sep 2005 04:00 in reply to "RE: LOL"
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Funny. Most people grasp it when you talk to them about it. You can see it in their eyes. They simply lit up when you talk about it, like a fire ignited in their soul. Perhaps it's a danish thing to understand this so easily. A good ol' tit for tat-deal (which is basically the engine behind OSS as in all other freedom-oriented aspects of life).

kristian AT herkild DOT dk

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