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Apple The saga surrounding Apple's policies concerning the App Store hasn't reached its climax just yet. After several seemingly arbitrary application rejections, high profile developers quitting iPhone development, and Apple adding a non-disclosure clause to its App Store rejection emails, we now have another high-profile Mac developer contemplating giving up iPhone development. Craig Hockenberry, of The Iconfactory, has written a public letter to Steve Jobs, detailing his worries that Apple's restrictive App Store policies are detrimental to the young platform.
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Apple Lost My Good Will
by exigentsky on Tue 30th Sep 2008 01:44 UTC
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I got my first Apple product in March 2007 - a Macbook. The price was competitive and I was curious. Due to my positive experience, Apple could have gained a long-term customer. However, in the span of several months, they managed to push me farther than when I had not purchased any Apple products.

Coming from Linux, Apple's authoritarian and controlling behavior is appalling. Having a gag order on the free SDK was the first slap in the face but it did not push me over the edge. Rejecting programs simply because they compete with Apple's is a step too far. Putting an NDA even on rejection letters is an indication of madness and totally against the purpose of NDAs (to protect trade secrets). It reminds me of China's conclusion that journalists are the problem, not human rights violations. Apple knows it's abusing its power and not doing any services for its customers. It just doesn't want the negative press. It will backfire.

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