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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A Fortune Magazine article looks at hand-held computing's most beleaguered major player and wonders whether it wouldn't be better off hitching its wagon to Google's coat-tails and adopting Android. After shunting aside its own, old-and-creaky OS in favor of Microsoft's it's been hanging its hopes on a long-awaited new Linux-based OS. Android may be Palm's best bet to avoid stemming its inexorable slide into irrelevance.
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by Silent_Seer on Sun 5th Oct 2008 08:06 UTC
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Well why not Access Linux Platform then? It already has Palm emulation built into it's middleware and it's api conforms to the LiMo specification. And that allows native coding as opposed the running apps on a jvm in case of the Android.

I wonder if these financial magazines have any understanding of technology other than the relative stock market positions of the respective companies and the latest buzzwords accompanying them.

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RE: Android?
by unoengborg on Sun 5th Oct 2008 12:56 in reply to "Android?"
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This is not about what technical solution is best. This is about financial backing. Even though there are other free Linux based systems out there today, having Google money behind the development of Android makes people believe it will be there tomorrow as well.

Another factor, is that it is quite easy to develop applications on Android. Many universities use Java in their beginner courses, and in the enterprice Java is close to becomming the next COBOL, i.e. the language that is used for everything important. So it should not be hard to find developers, and developers is very important for success.

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RE[2]: Android?
by rdean400 on Sun 5th Oct 2008 15:54 in reply to "RE: Android?"
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Actually COBOL is the next COBOL. There have been more lines of business code written in COBOL since 2000 than in all other languages combined (according to a recent DDJ).

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RE: Android?
by rdean400 on Sun 5th Oct 2008 15:51 in reply to "Android?"
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These are the same people that said that splitting the company into independent hardware and software outfits was a good thing. Their lack of understanding of the symbiotic relationship between hardware and software leaves them unable to comprehend when a technology company as a whole unit is greater than the sum of its parts.

Palm was one of those companies. It very much needed to hold onto PalmOS to push it forward. Under independent leadership, it whithered and died.

That's a shame, because although I didn't care for the underlying architecture, I found the UI to be more appropriate for my needs than something overengineered like many of the Linux and Windows Mobile phones.

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