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Internet & Networking A recent blog post on ZDNet contends that Firefox is not as secure as promised by counting exploits. Joseph Huang contends that severity and the number of unpatched vulnerabilites matters, not just the number of exploits discovered.
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Smaller file size, smaller install size, quicker, and the features are hidden away unless you want them.

And yet... people can somehow say "because it has these hidden features I don't want it is *bloated*."

Bit of a schizm in the thought processes going on there.

Its the same old, same old complain of the Usability/HIG freaks: No matter how good an application can be or how its default layout makes sense by many accounts, the biggest factor to reckon when judging whether its worth or not is how many options their Preferences panel/window/whatever shows. Doesnīt matter at all that all those preferences actually empowers the user: If the noob canīt grasp it, it is bloat. I still canīt see why other browsers havenīt included a BitTorrent client, like Opera did on recent versions, for starters. Yes... It is a P2P app, which happens to find its sources mostly on webpages. So, why not?

This is getting tired and unfortunately I canīt see it going anywhere: This annoying trend of oversimplification on everything OSS even when it comes in the way.

No... Opera is not bloated because of the reasons cited above and many others. Itīs a excellent browser. And by the way, Iīm not a Opera fanboy. /me prefers Konqueror and Firefox, in that specific order. But I did used it on the past and probably will get back to it sometimes now that I got a registration code after that generous offer from Opera.

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