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Windows There is one thing that really pushes my buttons, one thing that is sure to send me off on a rant on life, the universe, and everything. I have a 21" widescreen 1680x1050 display - which might not be large to some of the real geeks in here, but to me, it's pretty huge. With so much screen real estate, why oh why do my friends all still insist on maximising every window they come across when they sit down behind my computer? This - and more - is the subject of the latest post on Microsoft's Engineering 7 weblog.
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Reading all the comments about stealing features from Linux/Compiz (snap to borders, virtual desktops, always on top etc.) is nice.

Lol. Virtual desktops date back to the early eighties at least, they have nothing to do with Linux. "Always on top" has been a window property on Windows for many, many years, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't invented by the "Linux/Compiz community" either. Heck, nothing you wrote made any sense at all - you probably referred to the "X community", but even then that's really innacurate...

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Where did I write "invented"?
I guess you have comprehension issues.
I just said that Linux has all these features and that people on that blog asked for them.

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If Linux did not invent them, then it can hardly be classed as "stealing from Linux" now, can it?

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So how exactly can I make any window on Windows be on top? All the programs that do not support it requires me to install some mini-application for it. Like this one: or this one:

And it does not even work for all windows.

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