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Windows There is one thing that really pushes my buttons, one thing that is sure to send me off on a rant on life, the universe, and everything. I have a 21" widescreen 1680x1050 display - which might not be large to some of the real geeks in here, but to me, it's pretty huge. With so much screen real estate, why oh why do my friends all still insist on maximising every window they come across when they sit down behind my computer? This - and more - is the subject of the latest post on Microsoft's Engineering 7 weblog.
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not sure if you are being fasicious or not, but its a terminal emulator.

Well, I was really just passing on a question from my mom, my aunt, my brother and his wife, my friend Jay, and my cat, Katarina. Oddly enough, Shadow, my dog, is becoming quite the bash expert, and is showing real promise in Python. He seems a bit put off by Ruby, however.

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