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Mono Project The Mono project has released Mono 2.0. As most of you will know, Mono is an open-source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and other operating systems. The 2.0 release comes packed with new features, the main ones being the compiler upgrade to C# 3.0 with support for LINQ, as well as the inclusion of ADO.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0 and System.Windows.Forms 2.0. The release notes detail all the changes and new features.
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RE[4]: Amazing
by sbergman27 on Tue 7th Oct 2008 07:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Amazing"
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No, IIS does not require CAL's at all.

Thanks, in great part, to Apache. In the absence of strong competition you can bet that operators of IIS Servers would pay yearly per concurrent connection to their "Information Server" (sounds more "pay-for worthy" that way) and would just accept that situation as normal.

Even those who prefer and use Microsoft products owe a debt of gratitude to FOSS for the mercies they enjoy simply due to Microsoft not being able to do what it really would have wanted to do.

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RE[5]: Amazing
by Soulbender on Tue 7th Oct 2008 13:32 in reply to "RE[4]: Amazing"
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Thanks, in great part, to Apache.

Eh, I dunno.
I think it has more to do with that
a) it would be impossibly hard to keep track of, especially for large sites (think YouTube, Facebook and such)
b) to my knowledge there is not, and never has been, an HTTP server that was licensed per connection.

Perhaps if MS had been earlier into the game but at the time that MS did release IIS (as a serious product) there was already a large amount of existing servers.

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RE[6]: Amazing
by sbergman27 on Tue 7th Oct 2008 17:27 in reply to "RE[5]: Amazing"
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Eh, I dunno...

You start with that. But what you say is fairly consistent with what I said.

Remember that "Apache Web Server" is a play on the words "A Patchy Webserver", referring to the fact that Apache started out as a set of patches to the first, and then dominant (and open-source) NCSA webserver.

But come on. Let's cut to the chase and use the 'I' word. (Microsoft's favorite!) Basically, if Microsoft had been Innovative instead of chasing FOSS's tail lights with an inferior copycat product, they could probably have set the precedent of paying per simultaneous connection. But they weren't and so they couldn't. :-)

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