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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Sunday we reported on an interview with an MSI manager, who stated that internal research had shown that the return rate for the Linux version of MSI's Wind netbook was four times as high as that of the Windows XP version. He claimed that the unfamiliarity of people with Linux was the culprit. This claim sparked some serious discussion around the net, but now MSI's statement is being repeated by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.
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RE[3]: Comment by risbac
by darknexus on Tue 7th Oct 2008 12:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by risbac"
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Sad to say but it would suffice to put on Windows-like themes and icons and those people would'nt have a clue they are running another OS.

Sure, right up until they download the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, or any other Windows app and are unable to run it--and no, Wine is not sufficient. Or how about trying to install a printer driver, for instance, that Linux doesn't support? Then they call tech support and ask why and find out they don't actually have Windows. Now, I don't care how perfect Linux may be for netbooks, if it looks like Windows, the average customer is going to expect Windows. And further, they're not going to settle for anything else. So in this situation, a frustrated customer is now mad at the Netbook manufacturer and at Linux in general, and anyone else who may have spewed the freedom rhetoric at them--they could care less about freedom if it means they can't do what _they_ want their computer to do.

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