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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Sunday we reported on an interview with an MSI manager, who stated that internal research had shown that the return rate for the Linux version of MSI's Wind netbook was four times as high as that of the Windows XP version. He claimed that the unfamiliarity of people with Linux was the culprit. This claim sparked some serious discussion around the net, but now MSI's statement is being repeated by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.
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RE: Distros
by mabhatter on Wed 8th Oct 2008 02:44 UTC in reply to "Distros"
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"Windows is Windows
Linux is Ubuntu, SUSE, Mandrivia, Redhat, Slackware etc

People arnt givent the chance to 'learn linux' as each kind is different. Different to the point of being incompatible with one another but, even worse, they look and act differently! (kde, gnome fluxbox etc)"

I agree with that. Most of the Linux variants on netbooks are bad imitations of commercial distros. In the case of Eee, they use something that Xandros doesn't actually support, same with evernex and their gOS. Only Dell is going with an actual supported product from a mainstream distro.

"linux" was thrown on these because it was cheap, no other reason. Once Microsoft responded by dropping XP prices most manufacturers just don't care. I think Cannonical has the right idea, using a derivative of their main line but none of the OEMS seem to give a darn about it. Without a consistent environment, consumers won't get the help, support, or community they need. Most are expecting a "small Wintel PC" for their money... like people in my family willing to put up with sucky performance but run "full size" apps and rip DVDs on these.

I think this is why Apple was so strict about locking down iPhone for so long to curb customer's misunderstandings of what it was. It built a market of iPhone doing one thing.. being a phone first. Now the apps are really cool. At this point, Dell would be the netbook to go for, simply because they want to see a community form. If they can bring more stuff into the fold it might be good.

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