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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Sunday we reported on an interview with an MSI manager, who stated that internal research had shown that the return rate for the Linux version of MSI's Wind netbook was four times as high as that of the Windows XP version. He claimed that the unfamiliarity of people with Linux was the culprit. This claim sparked some serious discussion around the net, but now MSI's statement is being repeated by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.
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Remix vs eee Xandros
by chemical_scum on Wed 8th Oct 2008 04:32 UTC
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Apparently Ubuntu Remix netbooks are returned more than other open source netbooks.

I am not that surprised. I have been running Remix on my desktop as a trial (not for regular use) and my wife has an eeePC with Xandros Linux on it. The Remix interface is more complex and difficult to use compared to the Xandros netbook interface. An experienxed Ubuntu user can work our what is going on, but it would be more difficult for a newbie.

In addition the brown colour seems somewhat depressing, much more brown than in the regular desktop Human theme. I run pretty much a default Ubuntu desktop on my home system. The only major theme variation is I have a somewhat lighter image as my desktop wallpaper. It is not at all depressing to work in and I am happy with the regular Human theme but not the Remix Human one - much too dark.

So all in all the Remix interface needs some improvement.

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RE: Remix vs eee Xandros
by collinm on Wed 8th Oct 2008 10:18 in reply to "Remix vs eee Xandros"
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witch netbook use Remix?

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