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X11, Window Managers Most of you will be familiar with Silicon Graphics, Inc., once the proud leader in the graphics workstations market with their high-end MIPS workstations, running the UNIX System V based IRIX operating system. The company has been in steady decline for a long time now, and two years ago it put an end to its MIPS product line, favouring processors from Intel. Back to IRIX - it has many assets and good features (XFS, for instance), and the IRIX Interactive Desktop was certainly one of them. Sadly, it never properly made its way out of IRIX, but this is now being worked on, with the full support from SGI.
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kinda cool
by poundsmack on Wed 8th Oct 2008 23:28 UTC
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I am not terribly thrilled though. i can think of a lot of interfaces that i liked more that would be considered unique. NEXT's interface, BeOS's interface, os/2's interface, QNX's Photon interface, actualy there are quite a bit of others. admitidly i never did get a chance to use IRIX, I did used ot use Maya but it was never on an SGI machine.

so since most of the site is still under construction, can someone tell me what makes this interfact so unique that it is worth bringing into the modern world? is apears to be a Motif looking interface like CDE from the screen shots. any IRIX experts here that can highlight some of IRIX Interactive Desktop's unique and exciting features for me?

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RE: kinda cool
by helf on Thu 9th Oct 2008 14:20 in reply to "kinda cool"
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RE: kinda cool
by itomato on Fri 10th Oct 2008 16:44 in reply to "kinda cool"
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Keep in mind that this is mid-90's technology!

- Scalable, vector-based desktop icons
- Multimedia (read: Webcam, Audio and Video I/O (CDROMs are still neat-o, remember?)
- Standard X11 toolkit access (Motif) with all the 4dwm-specific stuff from SGI
- No CDE
- A comfortable UNIX Desktop environment (Circa 1994)

It's no BeOS, and certainly no NeXTSTEP/Openstep, but Indigo Magic has it's "magic".

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