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X11, Window Managers Most of you will be familiar with Silicon Graphics, Inc., once the proud leader in the graphics workstations market with their high-end MIPS workstations, running the UNIX System V based IRIX operating system. The company has been in steady decline for a long time now, and two years ago it put an end to its MIPS product line, favouring processors from Intel. Back to IRIX - it has many assets and good features (XFS, for instance), and the IRIX Interactive Desktop was certainly one of them. Sadly, it never properly made its way out of IRIX, but this is now being worked on, with the full support from SGI.
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Comment by Vanger
by Vanger on Thu 9th Oct 2008 11:30 UTC
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Looks like mix of Awesome and KDE for me.
I really don't see anything on screeenshots except of ten-year-old aestetic and mess of icons on desktop.
IceWM is far cooler for "lightweight wm with icons" niche.
It's nice to have just another WM, though ;)

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