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AMD AMD finally fleshed out the "Asset Smart" strategy it has been talking about since, at least, last December. The result: AMD is now fabless.
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Sort of a Transputerfarm on a Chip:

Though it has other targets than the usual computing.

Btw. i have a Sata->Atapi->USB-Controller in an external Disk, which is somehow related to one of their former Chips. Has never let me down so far, FORTH chugging along at its best :-)

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Yes there are at least a dozen of these sorts of chips out there that typically include atleast 8 and upto several hundred simple cores, often use barrel wheel MTA design. I've losty track of most of them but they all superficially look like transputer farms, but they aren't of course because they don't include support for communicating processes or the process scheduler in hardware. They are generally using some other scheme for mapping processes onto sites. Many x Transputer people have gone into these projects as well as Intel/AMD so you see familiar ideas in new clothes Many of these chips get used in networking gear. Atiq Raza of RMI formerly Athlon Architect has a MIPs based multicore which does use RLDRAM.

If you take the comparison to an extreme some of the FPGA jumbo chips can look like a multi core chip too, each core centered around some BlockRam and a local DSP datapath cut into silicon. If you hook it up to DDR DRAM you end up right back with a memory wall again, not enough I/O pins to feed all the cores.

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