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General Development Python 2.6 has been released on October 1st. The major theme of this release is preparing the migration path to Python 3.0, a major redesign of the language. Whenever possible, Python 2.6 incorporates new features and syntax from 3.0 while remaining compatible with existing code by not removing older features or syntax. See the what's new docs for more details.
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Solution for indenting blocks of text
by snorkel on Fri 10th Oct 2008 04:22 UTC
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Don't use a simple editor, use something that is made for python.

Here are some examples:


(if you are running on windows this one rocks, has a few
issues, but can debug in threads and has excellent code completion and help integration)

Eclipse and Pydev are not bad either:

and if you want a commercial IDE Komodo from active state is very good.

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I'll second Eric 4 and PyDev as good, free editors. I like PyDev extensions better, but it costs a bit of money. If you're looking for the best Python editor out there and have a couple hundred dollars to spend, WingIDE is it.

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Komodo Edit is free though and I personally think it is the best scripting editor. Eclipse is very flexible and sometimes great but most of the time I want something that just works.

I've had some problems earlier with Linux running Komodo because of it using Mozilla. Basically the operating system couldn't see the difference between different Mozilla applications so I could only have one open at a time. That was however distro specific and hopefully solved by now.

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About the Eric IDE. I'm sure it is very capable and smart in every way. But the default UI. Do. Not. Want.

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