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Features, Office After three years of development, OOo 3.0 is finally here with a bunch of new features and enhancements. Linux Format looks at the changes and rates the suite's overall performance, and you can try it yourself by downloading a copy from here.
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RE[2]: Office 2007
by lemur2 on Mon 13th Oct 2008 22:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Office 2007"
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I like it to, it's so much easier to work than the old menu driven interface. The reason why people hate is simple - Microsoft made it. If would present similar approach to interface before MS than everybody would praise it and comment how innovative and cool it is.

It is not so much that Microsoft made it is the problem, but rather that without fail Microsoft try to use things like this to eliminate competitors.

If Microsoft were to listen to their own argument that they used in the copyright lawsuit between Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) and Microsoft Corporation:,_Inc._v._Microsoft_Corp...

... and apply that same reasoning now to the concept of the ribbon interface, and hence just simply allow anyone who wanted to freely use the concept, then there would be no problem with the ribbon interface.

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