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Windows It was announced yesterday that the Microsoft OS code-named Windows 7 will be shipping as "Windows 7," exciting and surprising many. There was much question, even in our own piece, as to how Microsoft arrived at 7 for an OS likely destined to be version 6.1. Microsoft answered our question in a post called "Why 7?" on the Windows Vista Blog.
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What will come after that?
by GavHSS on Wed 15th Oct 2008 12:38 UTC
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OK, so Microsoft are free to call it what they want, but if it's really internally Windows 6.1 (to programmers), then I presume Microsoft are expecting to at some stage move to a version internally numbered '7'. When that time comes it will be confusing since a programmer may write an application for Windows 7, and the management demand it be compatible with the later version (which it is, as they're thinking of Windows "Super-Dooper").

However, it might be that after this next release (6.1, marketed as 7), Microsoft will do 6.2 (marketed as 8), 6.3 (marketed as 9), and then give up and start a fresh line of OS that is POSIX compliant or completely revolutionary. So to me this is a sign that Microsoft have a vision that an end to Windows will come.

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RE: What will come after that?
by JamesG on Sat 18th Oct 2008 01:25 in reply to "What will come after that?"
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How can you know the term posix but not know windows is already posix compliant? What do you do, just make random strings of words you collect from slashdot and try to make it look like an intelligent thought?

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