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General Unix This article explores the virtualization features available to administrators across several UNIX hardware platforms. Discover what they have to offer and how their features compare to PowerVM.
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Interesting but bad QA?
by jwwf on Thu 16th Oct 2008 01:05 UTC
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Seems like a different person wrote the HP-UX part, which was pretty clear and understandable, and the the AIX and Solaris parts, which were inconsistent and confusing. It seems like the Solaris/AIX person didn't understand the difference between Containers and LPARs, and, if I understand WPARs right (shared kernel, yes?), made the same mistake between WPARs and PowerVM hypervisor (obviously, if PowerVM can run OS400 and AIX, no shared kernel...or do you need a hardware partition for that? Wish the article would have told us.)

Plus, who copied and pasted from the powerpoint?

IBM has since retired their workload management tool, Partition Load Manager (PLM), recognizing that it was the automation inhertent in its shared processor pool strategy, which really captivated the audience.

Anyway, great idea for an article, lame execution. This guy seems to know more about WPARs:

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