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Features, Office The news of's third major release has generated quite a bit of buzz on the internet for many reasons, one of which being that it now runs natively on a Mac (sans X11). ZDnet has posted a screenshot gallery of 3.0 for those who have yet to try the hot-off-the-press application.
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RE[7]: Comment by Luminair
by Jemm on Thu 16th Oct 2008 10:20 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Luminair"
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IMO PDF support is a much bigger thing then ODF, since it seems to mean they are just giving up with pushing XPS as a serious format.

I haven't seen any signs of MS dropping XPS. Microsoft just couldn't earlier include the PDF-exporter with Office 2007, since Adobe didn't want them to.

However, it has been a downloadable plugin since the release. XPS has been downloadable plugin, too, but probably because of antitrust reasons.

Now that PDF is standarded by ISO, Microsoft can include the PDF-support in Office without Adobe's permission.

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RE[8]: Comment by Luminair
by google_ninja on Thu 16th Oct 2008 11:09 in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by Luminair"
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Really? I thought they didn't include it cause they wanted to flog their own horse, but after all they legal drama they just decided to give up and go with the other team.

Thanks for the info ;)

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