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Windows It was announced yesterday that the Microsoft OS code-named Windows 7 will be shipping as "Windows 7," exciting and surprising many. There was much question, even in our own piece, as to how Microsoft arrived at 7 for an OS likely destined to be version 6.1. Microsoft answered our question in a post called "Why 7?" on the Windows Vista Blog.
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They don't even know what consumers want and what they want themselves...

Windows 7 and Vista... If like Ballmer said Vista is good, why do they have to issue Windows 7, they can just go ahead with Vista SP1,2,3,4,5,6,7...

The fact is that Vista sucks, everybody knows that, but Microsoft just won't admit it!

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Why do apple and ubuntu release new OSes if their OSes are so good? And vista doesn't suck, it's actually a great OS, but you have to actually think for yourself to figure that out, if you just go to slashdot and repeat what everyone else says mindlessly, then ya, it does suck I guess.

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And vista doesn't suck

Has it ever occurred to you that it doesn't suck in your eyes because it used many of the ideas of Unix and Apple? And that those OS's in many ways are still in front of MS offerings?

I use Apple since around 1990 and *nix since 1998 and all I see when I use Windows is a badly done copy of what others have to offer. If you don't know anything else than Windows, then maybe Vista doesn't suck. However, judging from a limited horizon gives you a very skewed view of the world*.

*) IMHO most Windows users don't know anything else than Windows whereas most Mac / *nix users know Windows good enough to have an educated opinion.

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