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Qt Qt Software today announced the porting of Qt to S60 on Symbian OS, the open smartphone platform. With the inclusion of the S60 platform, developers have an additional 80 million target devices that they can support with their Qt-based applications. An early technical preview of Qt for S60 is available for download from Qt Software current website.
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RE: Nokia's Trolltech purchase
by memson on Mon 20th Oct 2008 11:52 UTC in reply to "Nokia's Trolltech purchase"
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It's clearly a tactic to make QT truly universal. I find it interesting that it would appear to somewhat clash with the gnome devs they have working on Maemo, but I'm kind of expecting Maemo to switch at some point. I'm a gnome user personally, but even I am not sure QT is not in any case the better framework.

Maemo and S60 are different platforms, so the Gnome devs probably have little comment on this. However, the Qt port for Maemo probably *is* stomping on some toes. Apparently, the next version of Maemo (Freemantle) will give the developer a choice - Hildon or Qt. I welcome the option, personally as I can't get on with Hildon.

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